Work Readiness

Work Readiness

The Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship, though just two years into its inception, is emerging as a pioneer in influencing the country’s young minds into moving towards a school of thought which prefers creating jobs over looking for jobs. While dispensing world-class entrepreneurial education, ISME has been able to carve out a place in the educational space to be disruptive, futuristic and a creative change-maker.

The School aims to prepare the youth with four essential C’s in order to conquer the business world, namely, Compassion, Creativity, Communication Skills and Collaboration. The four together are known to be the most important skills for anyone in the 21st Century and allow the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset. The Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship strives to equip every student with these skills when they leave to face the challenges of the real world.

Our focus is to drive design and innovation led creative entrepreneurship (DICE) through nurturing of corporate ideas, scaling up of ventures including: student ventures, industry ‘excubation’ initiatives, family businesses, MSME ventures and innovative technology startups

With the help of professional corporate exposure and experiential learning the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship is truly the place to be for anyone with even the slightest entrepreneurial spirit.

A unique approach to learning

Experiential: At ISME, learning is experiential. The curriculum has been modeled on a course at Harvard Business School called Authentic Leadership Development with the support of Harvard’s Social Enterprise Initiative and HBS faculty.

Experiential implies that the future entrepreneurs will primarily learn from each other, with the facilitator present to guide the discussion using the case study method amongst the other valuable practice learning tools that result in the highest degree of absorption. The program doesn’t include any lectures.

Pre-work and home-work component: Students will need to prepare for the session by submitting relevant material and reading content which will result in maximum productive utilization of class time. Additionally, the session will be followed by a reflection.

Individual attention and feedback: Each and every student will be given individual attention, ensuring relevant individual feedback and mentoring.

Creating a culture around work readiness