Post Graduate Program in Management, Business & Entrepreneurship (MBE)

Areas of Concentration


Management Theories
Leadership & Strategy, Operations Management, Talent Management, Ethics & Corporate Governance
Entrepreneurship Essentials
Opportunity Evaluation, Business Model Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Business Growth Strategies.
Finance Fundamentals
Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Banking, FinancialMarkets & Investment Management
Marketing Techniques
Marketing Strategies, Digital & Social Media Marketing Communication & Technology, Public Relations and Media Plans

The MBE is an 11 month program with a dynamic blend of management theories, financial concepts, strategy building and an entrepreneurial insight.

The program is designed and articulated with an innovative approach to prepare future entrepreneurs and start-up leaders to face the challenges and defines of the contemporary business world.

It is informatively designed to develop management thinkers with strong fundamental and analytical skills and stimulate an entrepreneurial bent of mind.

The program comprising of three semesters (48 weeks) will give students an exposure to an integrated set of courses that will be taught on a practice-based approach of teaching entrepreneurship – The Babson Way. The faculty are acknowledged leaders in their subject and are trained by Babson in USA in a special program being designed for academics.

The MBE program also adopts the Business and Entrepreneurship Led Learning (BELL) philosophy, letting the students openly interact with successful leaders and take a pathway of fast growth aided with the all the needed business tools and management skills.

Given the national and global challenges, ISME’s post graduate program gives birth to more entrepreneurial problem solvers and innovative thinkers with a fresh perspective and unique breath-taking mind-set.

Benefits for your Career
  •    Strong Financial Acumen
  •    Responsible Leadership
  •    Analytical abilities
  •    Risk-ready Management
  •    Creative Entrepreneurship
  •    Professionalism, Ethics & Integrity