Chairperson’s Message

The spirit of ISME is infectious, innovative and exciting. There is a wave of entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation in India. There is a positive energy that is both nurturing and inspiring for students. The current atmosphere is of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Excitement.

Major universities in India have done a phenomenal job, but yet there is none that is as intensely focused on entrepreneurship as ISME. Most business and management institutions focus on preparing students for jobs. ISME will change the paradigm. The conversation at ISME will be about creating jobs, not getting them. We are developing entrepreneurial leaders.

ISME is located at the very heart of Mumbai, the commercial, financial and business capital of India. ISME, with its unique curriculum and pedagogy will combine cutting edge thinking from international experts. I foresee ISME creating a legion of unparalleled entrepreneurs who have the best of both worlds: The finesse of the west and the passion of the east. They will be entrepreneurial leaders who will create great economic and social change. This legion will be a powerful force for solving the economic, social, and environmental issues confronting our world.

Entrepreneurial energy is not scarce and opportunities are boundless. What is required is for everything to come together and kick start the entrepreneurial revolution in India. Now, in this environment, ISME is poised to play a pivotal role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India.

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