Entrepreneurial bootcamps at ISME are specially curated and arranged for students from various colleges in Mumbai.

Through the bootcamps, we aim to impel the young future leaders who wish to launch new business endeavours and enhance their start-up managerial and leadership skills. The workshops treat the practical aspects of start ups. The workshop takes students through on an idea of a start up forward to its crystallization, in terms of incubation of the idea, writing a plan, identifying the sources of finance, the platforms for implementation of the idea and so on. Activities are designed around this aspect.

The entrepreneurial bootcamps helps the students to acknowledge themselves with the right set of strategic and business tools to help them acquire the confidence needed to start the enterprise or bolster existing ones with a fresh perspective.

Learnings from Bootcamps

  • Learn key assessment and feasibility techniques including design thinking, product definition, rapid iteration testing, and designing the minimum viable product.
  • Obtain tools for assessing product and market scenarios including understanding of the right target audience and market segmentation along with performing effective industry and competitive analysis.
  • Develop an understanding of how to grow and nurture the business through effective brand building, cash flow management and resource allocation, embracing change and improbability for competitive advantage.
  • Introspecting themselves as entrepreneurs including their motivations, roles, and key responsibilities.
  • Explore the impulse and adrenaline rush of building a winning team and other common challenges faced by entrepreneurial leaders and CEOs.
  • Recognizing the four main concepts of negotiations and studying the behavior of the parties to the business
  • Application of creative methods to confer a deal beneficial to all parties.

In order to gain benefits from our Entrepreneurial Bootcamps, some of the esteemed colleges invited are:

  • National College
  • SIES
  • PG College
  • Podar College
  • H.R. College
  • Hinduja College
  • Viva College
  • Lala LAJPAT RAI College
  • K.C College
  • C.H.M. College
  • Fravashi International School
  • Wilson College
  • St. Andrew’s College
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